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F.A.Q. "Find Your Strongest Life"

Q: I have taken the Find Your Strongest Life assessment and the StandOut assessment. Both had similar questions, but I received different results. Why is that?A: The StandOut assessment is a more…Continue

Started Apr 29

F.A.Q. "StandOut"

Q: How do I reset my StandOut account password?A: To recover your password, you'll need to know the e-mail address you used when you signed up for the StandOut assessment. To recover/reset your…Continue

Started Apr 29

F.A.Q. "Go Put Your Strengths to Work"

Q: Where can I find the SET code from the Go Put Your Strengths to Work book? What can I do with it?A: If you purchased a hardcover version of the book, the code will be on the inside of the book…Continue

Started Apr 29


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2 x 4 – Hard-Hitting Life Advice from TMBC’s Strengths Experts

I’ve been keeping a blog forever. I never complain about work on it, but just to be safe, should I tell my boss?


You’re wise not to vent any work frustrations in a public forum. Not only can it come back to bite you, it’s also simply not the best way to approach your problems at…


Posted on May 3, 2011 at 11:44am

2 x 4 – Hard-Hitting Life Advice from TMBC’s Strengths Experts

How can I play up my strengths at work without looking like I’m showing off?


Your instinct to let people know your strengths is a good one. The more we can all get comfortable talking about our…


Posted on April 26, 2011 at 2:00pm

2 x 4 – Hard-Hitting Life Advice from TMBC’s Strengths Experts

I realize the benefits of focusing on strengths, and I most definitely want to do that with my team, but I'm still not clear about a few things. If I'm not supposed to emphasize weaknesses, how do I give my team criticism? Can I talk about weaknesses and poor performance at all, or is that focus going to undermine everything else? Also, if people are supposed to stop doing what weakens them, what do I do if…


Posted on April 19, 2011 at 1:43pm

2 x 4 – Hard-Hitting Life Advice from TMBC’s Strengths Experts

It probably won't surprise you that one of my least favorite parts of being a manager is having to terminate an employee. Obviously, in cases of misconduct or similar situations, there is no choice and it has to be done. But I especially dread it when it's simply a matter of a mishire or a changing situation meaning someone doesn't seem to be suited for the job. I would really like to be able to never have…


Posted on April 5, 2011 at 4:47pm

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At 12:11pm on November 23, 2010, Jason Chollar said…
Steve Vai, one of the world's top guitar players in a youtube interview with Justin Sandercoe

Steve Vai in an interview with Just Sandercoe
The important thing is to find what it is that excites you and disregard what anyone else is doing or saying and just go after that. That's what you are going to be the most successful at also. People always say to me, "How do I get my music into the world?" and "How do I sell it?" and the answer that I give is "Find the thing that you are natural and really good at and then exaggerate it." I never worked on my weaknesses. I only worked on my strengths and I exaggerate them. And that's how I get the particular voice that I have on the instrument.
At 7:28am on October 18, 2010, Leah Erickson said…
Thanks for the welcome!

To date, Division I, WCHA hockey continues to be strong. Unfortunately, the MN Gophers were swept by new comers University of Nebraska - Omaha. But, the team that we really care about is the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota and they came home with 4 points after beating the Bemidji State Beaver, also new-comers to the WCHA.

The MN Wild won their 9th consecutive home-opener, defeating the Ottawa Senators but lost their second game last night.

On a different team is going to be recognizing our boss for top-performance and specifically for living out and marketing the Strengths philosophy here at Wells Fargo. She will be receiving a GOLD COIN from our Executive VP at a face-to-face meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, the first week of November, which is a pretty high honor here at Wells.

She is a huge fan and adoring admirer of Marcus. Is there any way that Marcus could write a quite "congrats" note that we could attach to her gold coin? It would mean the world to her and it would be a pretty cool/unique recognition!

Thought it couldn't hurt to ask!
At 2:58pm on October 4, 2010, Melissa Bakutis said…
Thank you so much for the welcome note. I attended the Women of Faith conference this weekend in Phoenix, AZ and had the privilege to hear Marcus speak. I was very inspired. I purchased his book and look forward to reading it. I took the strongest life test this morning and my Lead role is Advisor and my Supporting is Caretaker. Very surprised about the Advisor. I am looking forward to learning more.
At 3:16am on October 4, 2010, Nancy Stampahar said…
Go for any flavor you like...just so it's taste good and gives you the results you want. Rasberry lemonade is delish too. :)
At 2:05pm on September 27, 2010, Kris Johnson said…
Just returned from a Women of Faith event and heard Marcus talk about strengths philosophy and it really hit home, since I just decided to go in a different direction that I thought was too easy for me. I love to cook and love to share with others and love kitchen gadgets so have started a home based business doing all of the above after years of struggling trying to find what is out there for me. It was in front of me all along duh! and I just couldn't see it. Thank you for helping to remove the blinders.
At 12:25pm on September 23, 2010, Angela Kohn said…
Thank you for the quick response and invite! How do I obtain a copy of the PowerPoint presentation slides for Strengths Essentials?
At 5:13am on July 15, 2010, Pat Masithela said…
Thank you for the welcome note. I certainly look forward to being part of this community. There is definitely a sizeable number of us down here in South Africa who wholeheartedly buy into the "strengths philosophy". I find the strengths message shared by TMBC very profound, simple and logical and yet most difficult to sell in a world that strongly buys into the notion of the well-rounded individual (which tends to be an individual that spends more time trying to work on their weaknesses and not spending more time doing what they do best).

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