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As part of the redesign here on StrengthsCampus, all public groups have been closed. 

You'll find your favorite topics and much more on the Forum. Go there (NOW) and see what people are talking about.



Ask questions, post your thoughts, share your feelings - about Marcus Buckingham's new strengths assessment.

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Marcus's Books

This is the place to share your thoughts, questions and experiences with Marcus Buckingham's best-selling books.

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F.A.Q. & Help

Having issues with an online assessment code? Need help retrieving a SET or StandOut report? Looking for a video link? THIS is the place to post questions and look for answers.

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Share Your Strengths Statements

What activities make you feel strong? Where are you at your best?

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Existing discussions that have not been assigned a category.

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Have you attended a StrengthsEssentials workshop? Do you have questions? How about tips for others with less experience? This is the place.

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Strengths in Management

Questions, advice and success stories about helping your team play to their strengths.

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Strong Kids

Teaching kids about playing to their strengths.

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Best Practices and Case Histories

This is where you share your success stories. Encourage and brag.

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Strong Books

What books have you read that support the Strengths movement? Fiction, Non-Fiction. Post each title as a new discussion topic. Check here when you're looking for something to read.

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Book Resources


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